I based my label on this one below:

The film is based on novels Dance Dance Dance and The Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami. This live film was interesting in the way it was produce by the two women because I have not seen many films in real time. The photographs were manipulated in such an interesting way it almost felt like a cartoon.  I have to say the movement of all the objects caused me to feel really nausea as if I was becoming motion sick.  The beginning of this film was really confusing because I had no idea what was going on as the film just jumps in with someone talking about a phone call.  I tried my best to get into the film and I do not like feeling confused but I guess they wanted people to ask “Why?”

            Another interesting thing about this film is there is actually no film included in this piece but images and objects that were manipulated. The two women come out with sheep hats on and sit down in front of the auditorium so it was almost hard to take them seriously.  After the show, I realized it takes a lot of work to produce something like this in front of a live audience. They silently worked as a team doing separate techniques using sound and images. The “film” consisted of lights, photographs, tracings, filmstrips, projector, miniature sets, and voices. This was almost dream-like and I feel this was intended, and successfully. From the dreams, I can remember it does seem chaotic just the way this production was stimulated. This makes you questions whether you are in reality or just a dream and that seems to be an interesting to ask for people in our society. We tend to believe more in fantasy because sometimes reality is really hard to face.

On November 8, 2010 was the free admission for San Diego Residents on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. I went to see a few exhibitions but I saw New Realities: Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor. I found their work to be interesting. It reminded sort of Salvador Dali with the distorted kind of reality. They created the pieces of work through combining many different images and making them a collective piece. The techniques they use to create their works were a flatbed scanner and a computer and Jerry creates his images using silver gelatin. The pieces made me really look at question and me whether they were real. Of course, there is no such thing as a door in a rock but it looks so realistic. I find jerry interesting because he likes to invent realities. I learned Jerry was a teacher for 38 years and challenged students to become better photographers. I have actually recognized a piece of Maggie Taylor’s work on Ghost Whisperer beginning credits with the girl pulling herself apart. Her work is interesting because her surreal pieces do create a different reality. I find it interesting that she uses old photographs she scans in but she uses a lot more color than Jerry. They seem to have the same effect because they really make you look at the images being displayed. Using Photoshop is a popular technique to create photomontages and that tends to be boring when you know how it easy it is. I still like how the images remind me of Dali because of the surrealism.